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I really just want to block any other router than the first one from connecting to the internet.I want to connect two routers to a switch which will then be connected to a modem.Figure 3-2 shows a Cisco 888W router connected to an Ethernet switch.The second modem is also a Cox modem that a new resident of the house brought with them from a previous residence.

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Dual Routers - Use Two Separate Internet Connections On Same Network.If you want everything on one network do the following: Unplug Router 2 from Router 1.A modem will not get Internet service if it is not authorized on an account.No devices on Router 2 can connect to devices on. only one router can be a DHCP server.

How to combine 2 wireless routers on one. 2wire should automatically assign an ip address once you connect it or you can.

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How to connect two routers without using cable - wireless using WDS.That device allows more computers to connect as if they were just one through a process called Network Address Translation.If we plug-in a supported 2nd router and have 2 routers on at the same time, will both connect and have internet access.Configure Router 2 with an IP address in the same subnet as router 1, but not.

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I would actually rather the 2nd modem be BLOCKED and only my original Cox-provided and Cox-installed cable modem function.My internet is fine as is-- I just want to block any other routers from connecting to my internet service other than the router Cox gave me.

Due to the parallel nature of cable, cox is unable to selectively allow or disallow more than one cable modem in a household.Are you simply trying to prevent somebody in your house from having their own internet access separate from yours.

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In order to authorize the second modem, your roommate would need your account information, or their own account.

Can I hook up another Comcast modem using the front end of a.Hijack Your Cable or DSL Modem. wireless cards and connect to the same wireless router.

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Can you hook up your router directly to your internet connection and then use a network or do you have to hard wire.

Home Reviews How Charts Latest Speed Test Run Test Run Ping History Preferences Results Run Streams Servers Country Tools Intro FAQ Line Quality Smoke Ping Tweak Test Line Monitor Monitor Groups My IP is Whois Calculator Tool Points News News tip.Report Abuse. You can connect the two routers to each other.If so, that is an act in futility unless they physically had no access to your house.My problem is that another resident in my home wants to plug-in a 2nd cable modem in the bedroom.

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If they went way over data quota on their modem, would that effect my Cox account.

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How to connect two routers on one home network behind DSL modem Who cares. Loading. Unsubscribe from Who.How to connect two routers on one home network behind DSL modem.

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In most cases, Cox is unable to tell (for example) if your cable modem is located at your house, or is two blocks down the street.

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Each router would connect to the switch via. the new router (leaving the original one.

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Easiest thing to do is bridge two wireless routers and connect the second one to.

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