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The metadata is essentially the run time equivalent of a COM type library.Real-World XML: Manipulate XML Data Easily with Integrated Readers and Writers in the.NET Framework.PIAs should be distributed as part of any unmanaged code library that a vendor produces.In situations where a PIA is not available, you may need to use an interop assembly that is not a PIA, which is known as an Alternate Interop Assembly.The PIA may contain certain customizations that make the types easier to use from managed code.

To use the features of a Microsoft Office application from an Office project, you must use the primary interop assembly (PIA) for the application.Touch All the Bases: Give Your.NET App Brains and Brawn with the Intelligence of Neural Networks.

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Using an Alternate Interop Assembly is acceptable only if the types defined in the assembly are limited to internal use.Pia name meaning, German baby Girl name Pia meaning,etymology, history, presonality details.Mutant Power: Create A Simple Mutation Testing System With The.NET Framework.

Even though they both have the same name, each interop assembly was signed by a different publisher, thereby making the types incompatible.

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Registration-Free Activation of COM Components: A Walkthrough.The reason for the type mismatch is because the Widget type used by Company A is completely different from the Widget type used by Company B.

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See the meaning of the name Pia, additional information, categories, pronunciation, popularity, similar and other popular and unique baby names.Company B obtains the PIA for the Widget Library directly from the Acme Company and uses it within its managed application.Pia name meaning, Assamese baby Girl name Pia meaning,etymology, history, presonality details.The PIA distinguishes the official type definitions from counterfeit definitions provided by other interop assemblies.

Click for more information about the name Pia and thousands of other baby names.Printing: Preview and Print from Your Windows Forms App with the.NET Printing Namespace.JIT and Run: Drill Into.NET Framework Internals to See How the CLR Creates Runtime Objects.Design Patterns: Creating Dynamic Factories in.NET Using Reflection.Like any other managed assembly, an interop assembly is a collection of types that are deployed, versioned, and configured as a single unit.

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TypeRefViewer Utility Shows TypeRefs and MemberRefs in One Convenient GUI.

It has all the sweet gentleness of Penelope but in a smaller package, which is a huge appeal to me.Designing Knowledge Management Solutions with a Web Storage System.

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Registration-Free Activation of.NET-Based Components: A Walkthrough.

How to say or pronounce Pia in different languages and countries.CLR Inside Out: Base Class Library Performance Tips and Tricks.The Perfect Host: Create and Host Custom Designers with the.NET Framework 2.0.The simple solution is for both companies to use the PIA provided by the Acme Company.Building Connected Systems: The.NET Framework and the Microsoft Enterprise Application Development Platform.At registration: PIAs should be registered with the RegAsm tool.

BITS: Write Auto-Updating Apps with.NET and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service API.Create the type definitions for the PIA in source code using a managed language and a variety of custom attributes.In the year 2000, Pia was the 29,099th most common surname in the United States.

This page or section lists people that share the same given name.Using.NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle to Improve.NET Application Performance.Auto-Generating Wrapper Classes for Stored Procedures, Part 2: The Internals of the AutoSproc Tool.Memory Models: Understand the Impact of Low-Lock Techniques in Multithreaded Apps.Pia Name Meaning Italian (Piedmont): from the female personal name Pia.Plug-Ins: Let Users Add Functionality to Your.NET Applications with Macros and Plug-Ins.Modify the MSIL code with your favorite text editor as necessary.Performance Considerations for Run-Time Technologies in the.NET Framework.