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Security services provided by a carrier-class network firewall must be capable of running on purpose-built hardware or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers to reduce capital expenses.From the beginning, standards bodies for LTE have included security in their system architecture evolution, yet many complex security considerations still fall to service providers to manage.

LTE security planners need to address many physical and logical security aspects.

When Wind Mobile launched its LTE network in November 2016, it did so with a bang.Services should be capable of redirecting traffic as needed to bypass affected network elements.Security within the network, especially at data centers and service nodes, must be addressed by security applications with deep packet inspection capabilities to identify hidden threats in packet streams and prevent attacks on these essential network services.

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Service providers need tools that can examine large amounts of event data quickly, and then feed the security controls in a timely manner to protect the LTE network.When trying to log into it through my computer, it asks me for a Network Security Key.

White Paper 1 LTE Security for Mobile Service Provider Networks Juniper Provides a Stable and Secure LTE Network that Differentiates MSPs from the Competition.With topology-hiding in the DRA, the IP addresses and host names of the Diameter core network elements in the EPC cannot be seen by external parties, thus preventing any information about mobile management entities (MMEs), home subscriber servers (HSSs), policy and charging rules functions (PCRFs), and others from being retrieved by unauthorized parties.How do we take the patterns of security vulnerabilities and tell the existing security tools (the firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, etc.) what types of things to look for that is indicative of a security threat.The end result, and the benefit to service providers, is the assurance of network availability and an improved subscriber experience.So our network coverage is backed with a premium LTE browsing experience.

This essential node, which stores information for every subscriber in the network, authenticates users and is the cornerstone of the paging infrastructure.This type of message filtering and screening is available in Diameter routing agents (DRAs).

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Since the network perimeter separates the mobility infrastructure (inside) from the Internet (outside), it is an ideal location to handle address translation.

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Service providers building out their 4G LTE networks are grappling with numerous complex security challenges.

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LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is a registered trademark owned by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) for the wireless data communications.

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The 3G model of a single, seamless instance of encryption is distorted in LTE because the dedicated radio network controller (RNC) node is eliminated, and its radio resource management functions are distributed to the eNodeB and evolved packet core (EPC).

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With the anticipated growth of the Internet of Things over the next five years—and the increase in streaming video and bandwidth-hungry applications—service providers would do well to consider a firewall that can cluster up multiple appliances for totals of over 500 Gbps throughput, 100 million concurrent sessions, and 2.5 million connections per second.The DRA must be capable of screening on relevant fields, such as international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) ranges or application ID, to ensure that no unexpected or fraudulent traffic is routed.

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In the LTE network, encryption terminates at the eNodeB, so the traffic that emerges from the eNodeB is clear text.Wireless Security in LTE Networks Market, Spurred by Growth of a Digitally-reliant India, Predicted to Register Strong Growth Till 2021.They also present speed and performance challenges for service providers in their core networks as voice, video, and multimedia traffic continues to soar.About the LTE options on your iPhone. This allows cellular-data use over the LTE network when available.To simplify the management of distributed network security, the firewall should include management authority over all instances, audit logging that provides the ability to track changes for compliance, monitoring that enables administrators to view the activity across policies, and a unified set of policy controls.What follows are ten essential security capabilities service providers should consider as they seek to implement carrier-class network firewalls.